Students of the IX Semester of Communication Sciences at the UPeU will develop skills in various organizations nationwide.

The event was attended by the administrative staff of the Faculty of Human Sciences and Education: Dr. Ethel Altéz, Dean; and Pr. Javier Sáenz, Chaplain. Also present were the academic staff of the School of Communication Sciences, including Nick Brañez, Director, and José Calsín, Professor of pre-professional practices, as well as the distinguished presence of the students’ parents.

Unionists publish research paper on insulin resistance indices as biomarkers of cardiovascular risk

The publication was made in the journal indexed to Scopus in Q1, Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism ISSN: 2090-0732, in which it mentions that the objective of this study is to determine if the indexes of insulin resistance, the ratio between triglycerides and HDL cholesterol (TG/HDL-C) and the index of triglycerides and glucose (T&C) are biomarkers of cardiovascular risk (CVR) throughout life.

Workshop and lecture for entrepreneurs and businesspeople was held with a large attendance of participants

With more than 400 attendees in the Zoom room and another 300 on the official Facebook account, the third workshop organized by the School of Business Sciences entitled «Business development through the formalization of a business» was held with the purpose of training the business and entrepreneurial sector with trends and information on tax law and fiscal management for starting or maintaining a business