UPeU: Assessment of the Annual Operating Plan (POA) for the 2021-1 academic year

Within this framework, on Thursday, August 5, the Program of Assessment of the Annual Operational Plan (POA) 2021-I was developed in the presence of administrative staff and deans of faculties, directors and coordinators of school and Graduate School of Universidad Peruana Unión (UPeU) in its three campuses Lima, Juliaca and Tarapoto. The objective was to present the initiatives, activities and goals by axis and academic unit.

Students of the Professional School of Architecture carried out the project «Generating smiles» in a children’s shelter

The students of the VIII cycle from the Professional School of Architecture at the Universidad Peruana Unión Campus, Tarapoto, believe in contributing to social initiatives that empower communities. During the course on “Intervention In Urban and Architectural Heritage, the department carried out a social project called “Generating Smiles” which focused on the remodeling of the columns with abstract designs in the lounge of the Virgen del Pilar children’s shelter located in the city of Tarapoto.

Team from the Graduate Business Studies Unit presented research papers at a virtual conference in Beijing, China

The Business Science Unit of the Graduate School of the Universidad Peruana Unión (UPeU) participated in the 12th International Conference on E-business, Management and Economics (ICEME 2021) organized by the Beijing University of Technology.

The event was held virtually and attended by representatives of various universities from the countries of Croatia, Austria, Australia, Scotland, United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, United States, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Iran, Peru among others.

Teachers and Chaplains are motivated to mission in the Ministerial and Missionary Assembly of the UPeU Juliaca Campus

On August 3, in the Pedro Kalbermater Auditorium of the Universidad Peruana Unión Campus Juliaca, the Ministerial and Missionary Assembly entitled «I will go» was held, where all pastors, Bible teachers, coordinators and department leaders of the UPeU Juliaca Campus and the Titicaca Adventist College gathered to be trained and motivated in the new challenges that the institution and the church have for this year. Also, the administrators of the Lake Titicaca Mission, among them Pr. José Chávez, president, and Pr. Ronald Aquije, secretary attended the meeting.

UPeU: Evaluación del Plan Operativo Anual (POA) correspondiente al ciclo 2021-1

En este marco, el jueves 5 de agosto se desarrolló el Programa de Evaluación del Plan Operativo Anual (POA) 2021-I en presencia del personal administrativo y decanos de facultades, directores y coordinadores de escuela y Posgrado de la Universidad Peruana Unión (UPeU) en sus tres campus Lima, Juliaca y Tarapoto. El objetivo fue presentar las iniciativas, actividades y metas por eje y unidad académica.